Saturday, April 18, 2009

Being one of opensource apprentices

A few days ago, I applied to be one of Alex Lau's 12 open source apprentices. After several conversations via email with Alex, I finally got a chance to see him face to face.

It was a wonderful and pleasant talk. Alex gave me a lot of advices, on my tech path and on my future plans. We talked about many open source projects, like name card OCR, SyncML, Ifolder, Logfs(and FTL), as well as p2p file systems. At this point, I'm planning to first look at the on-line name card OCR project. It is most related to the Maemo project in my laboratory, and maybe, I can find someone in the lab to implement it together with me.

My problem is that I applied for this year's GSoC program. But the GSoC slots allocation is not decided yet. So I don't know how much time I can devote to this program. Nevertheless, let's see the GSoC results first, which is due soon.

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